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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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high gas prices, governor jerry brown and senator dianne feinstein are stepping in to get prices down and relief for businesses and drivers. >> rick of berkeley is filling up in orinda and size the price of gas at the chevron station came as a shock from what he paid a few days ago. >> about four cents, gone up 50 cents so a little on the shocking side. reporter: the price of gasoline has gone up more than 50 crepts in many bay area cities. some california gas prices are now more than a dollar above the national average. the price hike has been blamed on refinery problems in the state. today governor brown stepped in and asked refineries to switch to a winter blend of gas, and that would relief businesses and consumers. >> if it's right, that would have major impact on the price
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of gasoline. increasing our supply by 8 or 10% be plenty to bring down california prices to the normal relationship to the rest of the country. >> some drivers figure they have no choice but to pay the high prices. >> we live in a state that is very resticktive. costs more to build here, do business here, more to buy gas here. >> the major problem is california has just a few refineries that produce the low emission special fuel for the state and we're in a very vulnerable position when refinery accidents happen. >> now, senator feinstein is asking the federal trade commission to investigate the recent hike in gas pricesment she wants the ftc to establish a permanent market monitoring team. now, professor bornsteen says it's going to be difficult to tell the difference between some company holding back supply and regular market forces. reporting live in orinda, abc-7 news. >> ama: high gas prices have led to a major heist. have toes in roseville, just
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outside sacramento, got away with nearly a thousand gallons of gasoline. it happened at this shell station. the manager says the thieves somehow disabled the gas meter and stole 300 gallons of gas. then came back twice and stole 700 more gallons. >> spend almost $70, only going to last me a week. so i could definitely see the motivation. >> people should be caught, and i don't know recover they're money or not, but they should go to jail. >> the cost of the stolen gas is estimated $4,500. >> hercules police need your help to find out who killed a woman. suzie ko was found dead at her home. the husband believes the killer entered through an unlocked sliding glass door. last night neighbors and family members held a candlelight vigil. and police believe the killer took off with ko's car, blue
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2011 blue subaru hatchback with idaho license plates. >> a man was arrested in golden gate park this afternoon after police say he assaulted a woman. it happened in the mallard lake area of the park at 4:00 m. police tell us the man dragged the woman into the bushes. no word if she suffered any injuries. >> two residents are saved after escaping a house fire in daly city today. i it was reported shorely -- shortly after noon. 14 cats and two dogs were rescued from the residences but two of the cats later died. >> apple is not responding to conflicting reports about problem at china's factory where iphones are manufactured. they're denying the workers staged a strike to protest working conditions, but a workers advocacy group says there was a work stoppage that temporarily paralyzed production lines.
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>> now to this weekend's big story, all the events going on in san francisco, from fleet week and america's cup to parades and festivals. hundreds of thousands of people have flowed into the city. sergio fin can a -- quintana is live with a look. reporter: i was checking out twitter and there's actually a hash tag assigned to this weekend. big bay weekend. and that's in part because some people are estimating that about a million people are in the city because so many things going on. >> blue angels, speeding overhead, are usually the only thing audiences have to pay attention to on fleet week, but today they had competition. >> superspeed. and very loud. >> from marina green, fans of america's cup sailing got a prerace show and then set sail for the latest competition. >> when it's on tv we watch it.
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but since it was here, we decided, how often is it here so we came. >> sailingsail aerial acrobaticd be plenty for a fun weekend, but keep in mind this is a big bay weekend. here they had some flying for the annual castro fair and even on a busy weekend people drove in. >> everyone said the traffic would be horrible because there's ten million things happened and we got here quicker than we normally do. reporter: with so much going on public transportation was one of the most sensible ways ways of navigating the city, and that includes the musicfest at golden gate park. for those who chose to spend the full weekend, lawning -- lodging was at a premium. >> i had to look a thereto find a deal, and i still paid through the you know what. reporter: and if there wasn't enough going on the italian american parade added one more attraction.
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to try to get a gauge as to how much more busy the city is this weekend, checked with san francisco muni. based on numbers from yesterday, they say they had 100,000 more fairs than a typical saturday. that's a jump of about 50%. b.a.r.t. says they actually broke a ridership record with about 120,000 more rides than on a typical saturday. that's a jump of about a third. reporting live on pier 32 on the embarcadero, abc-7 news. >> ama: incredible. and with so many people around, tempers are bound to get short, like in san francisco's north beach today during th italian herige parade. [shouting] >> ama: it was over as quickly as it started. police arrested two men. >> a big weekend to be outside. leigh glaser has a look at what is ahead weatherwise.
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>> leigh: clouds the first part of the work week, the forecast is coming up. >> i'm liverk where we're just minutes away from game two, hear what the fans had to say, coming up. >> also just ahead, president obama heads to the bay area. why the trip is all about money and music. plus, husbands carrying a heavy load at the unusual contest that's all about
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>> ama: the a's had their moments today but the cheers died in the end as the green and gold is coming home to oakland, down 2-0 in the playoff series. now it's the giants' term, but not losing the game. lillian kim is live at at&t park where the game is about to begin. reporter: giants fans got here hours early, and before the gates even opened, and they're still making their way inside the ballpark. they're really counting on a win tonight. game two of the nlds begins in minutes and giants fans seem to b confident that their team is going to pull it off tonight. they say last night's 5-2 loss against the cincinnati red was disappointing but it was only game one and no one seems to be worried how the giants will do the rest of the series. >> the giants have the biggest
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heart out there, and the best talent, too. so, i think they're going to do great tonight. >> they're going to win tonight and go back to cincinnati and win there. yeah. it will be good. >> the giants have always come back and won, and we're good on the road, too, so each game is an individual game. so everybody has their day, and i think today is the day. >> i'm excited. we got bum barner -- bumgarner pitching tonight. >> i thought there was a lot of breaks that went the reds' way last night, and the giants, if everything works how it has worked all season, we're going to have a great day. >> so a lot of positive thinking here at at&t park. game three will be held in cincinnati on tuesday. giants fans really want to see their team going into the game 1-1. live at at&t park, lillian kim, abc-7 news. >> ama: we want to share your giants and a's fan photos.
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take a look at this one. so cute with the little a's hat and the big green sun glasseses. this is tee tianna with her giant bat. you can send us your photos or share them with us at news. still to come, president obama comes to the bay area. his plans while he is here. plus, why you can actually start voting for your presidential pick tomorrow. >> a beautiful weekend, but what's ahead for the work week? leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: i'm mike shumann. coming up in sports, heartbreaking yet inspirational store of a's pitcher pat
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>> ama: president obama is making money and music right now in los angeles. the president arrived at los angeles international airport a few hours ago. he is takenning a fundraiser concert now and he will do the same thing tomorrow here in the bay area. the president's first event is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. at the interconstant anybody -- intercontinental hotel in san francisco. that's followed by a dinner and concert reception at the bill graham civic auditorium at 5:00. the fundraiser will include a performance by john legend. >> mitt romney campaigned in florida today. the sunshine state is a
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must-have for republicans to recapture the white house. today romney called any increase in the federal deficit immoral and promised to cut and cap federal spending spending and pe country on track to a balanced budget. >> you don't have to wait until november to vote. early voting in california starts tomorrow. by law vote by mail begins 29 days before the election and that's monday. you can also go to your county elections office and cast a ballot. >> all voters who applied to vote by mail will get their ballot. election officials are starting to prepare those to go out. they'll start going out on tuesday when post offices return from the holiday. >> ama: monday is columbus day, which means some county election offices will be closed. so check before you go october 22nd is the deadline to register to vote. >> looks like there's some changes in the weather, leigh. >> a few more clouds moving in, tuesday and wednesday, and some parts of the bay area maybe a struggle -- sprinkle or two or
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nothing at all. but we'll show you what could come in. the live shot from the emeryville cam, clear sky across the bay area, the clouds are starting to gather nearing the coast. the live doppler 7hd showing a pretty good view of that. you can see the high and mid-level clouds from south bay up to north bay. a little low cloudiness right there near the coast. we're taking you in closer and you can get a sense of it. half moon bay and close to the great highway and this will filter back in towards the golden gate tonight. in the north bay, a lot of fog in those valley areas this morning. we're going to have a repeat of that tomorrow morning. highs today, very comfortable in the mid-to-upper 70s in the east bay. concord, the high, 76. the santa rosa, mild, 7 5. 62 in san francisco. half hoop -- half moon bay, 65.
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72 antioch, 57, breezy conditions right now in oakland, with a pretty good west wind, up to 20 miles-per-hour there. half moon bay, 59. 68 in santa rosa. here's a look at the forecast. taking you at least through much of -- well, maybe the middle part of this upcoming week. clouds and dense valley fog. a little cooler for all of us heading into monday afternoon. we'll wing in a few more clouds and there's the chance of showers developing mainly south bay as we head into tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight, low clouds, fog, valley fog, especially north of the golden gate bridge, and that's where the cool temperatures will be. 49, santa rosa, nap park 48 expected low tomorrow. 51 in livermore, san jose. talk about the chance of a shower in the south bay coming up. we have had a cutoff low sitting just off the coast, spinning. it brought us clear sky, pulled
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that. low cloudiness and fog off the coast, and we had nice visibility this weekend, but let me show you what's going to happen this. forecast model wants to keep it off the coast. if this moves inland all bets are off. but by 3:00 this afternoon, the low is centered off the coast and we're going to see a few high and mid-level clouds, tuesday afternoon, the low will start to migrate to the south, and could possibly bring some moisture in from san jose, points southward, on tuesday, maybe early wednesday morning. that's about it. by wednesday afternoon, this low heads into southern california. so, we'll look for highs tomorrow in the 70s. mid-to-low 7s so inland. 62 for san francisco, 0 -- 70 for san jose. tomorrow afternoon, watsonville, 66. the seven-day forecast. a slight chance on tuesday and wednesday-mainly south, to warm things up next weekend, saturday
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and sunday. not too late to win $49,000 from abc-7. these people are taking the chance. vanessa j, and petty from national -- napa. the winner will be announced on october 18th. you can enter and be a winner, go to news and click on the win $49,000 button for all the dedays. good luck to everyone. >> ama: thank you, leigh, and mike shumann is here now with sports. >> mike: this story is heartbreaking, yet inspirational, a's pitcher pat neshek and his wife and his knew bore southern died wednesday, 23 hours after his birth. pat stayed home with his wife grieving and then with stephanie urging he rejoined the a's on food. bob melvin decided to honor pat's son with a patch on the team's jersey and when pat was told of the gesture before the
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game he broke down in front of everybody. the then pitched two-thirds of an inning of scoreless relief and when he left the mound he tapped his head, looking to heavens, holding back tears, and walked back to the dugout where jonny gomes gave him a hug. >> that's all i had. somebody looking down on me and helping me. these guys have been so awesome. if i don't -- i don't think i would have got -- got a lot of messages on twitter and text messages, i don't think i would have came back. mao mike game two in the alds and the tiger goes the last bite. the doug fister, lights out for detroit. 8ks, tommy milone did his part. six innings, at one point he would tie it ten in a row. now tied at one in the seventh.
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a's take the lead for the second time. pennington with a single that scored seth smith. 2-1 oakland. the a's continue to give detroit unearned runs. miguel cabrera, pops it up and coco crisp, oh, my. drops it. both runners score. 3-2 tigers, a's rally in the eight. cespedes stole second and third. the throw is wild. cespedes scores from third. tied at 3. next pitch, 3-2 count on josh reddick. see ya. reddick struck out three times, all of a sudden looks the hero row. bottom eight, two runs. don kelly scores, tie game. bottom nine, bases loaded. after intentionally walking prince fielder, don kelly, who seered the tying one, scores infante, the tigers take a 2-0 series lead with a 5-4 victory they can close out the a's tuesday at the coliseum. >> you just got to move on. if you let it stick in your
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craw, you won't be prepared to the best of your capables on tuesday. so just got to let it go. >> got some work to do, but we got confidence in our guys, so we're going to battle, and try to win the series. >> cardinals hosting the nationals. game one of the nlds. st. louis led 2-1 in the eighth. and tyler moore laces a single. both runners score and the nats take game one from st. louse, 3-2. >> the 49ers set new standard in the cakewalk victory of the bills. a franchise record 620 yards total offense. and for the first time in 59 years the niners had a 300-yard patter, 100-yard rusher and two one hundred yard receivers. second quarter, alex smith finds williams. a little shake and bake into the end zone.
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one of seven plays over 20 yards today. after a fumble recovery. 30 second left in the half. smith to crabtree. first td catch of the year. alex had three td passes. 17-3 niners at the half. frank -- cap kaepernick, fourth quarter, on the keeper. niners, 45-3 victory, improving to 4-1. >> kept doing that. sunday in and sunday out, and for them to finally get a game like that, big-time game like that under their belt, now they know they're capable of doing it and trying to reach a new level. >> mike: giants and reds about to get underway, madison bumgarner on the hill, and vogelsong was named starter over tim lincecum. >> ama: a husband, wife, and a lot of
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>> ama: the nation's meningitis scare continues to grow. blastoff. the space x resupply mission to the international pace station and how you can catch a glimpse of the space station in the sky. legal -- liam nissan is hot at the box office. hotel transylvania topped to second. looper fell to fourth place, and franken-weany opened with $1 millionle liam knee knee son
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may be able to carry the box office but some men proved they can care their relationship. finnish couple won the prize for four year in a row. that's it for us at 6:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> for lee and mike, thanks for
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